Why Blocking?

Are you living in a state of long-term stress, or finding it hard to get a good night's sleep? Do you just wish you could feel calm and energised?

Anxiety and exhaustion are awful to live with and can impact on your emotional and mental health - but increasingly scientific studies are confirming that long-term stress can also lead to physical and immune system issues throughout the body. 

The most common things our Śama customers have told us over the last 10 years are that Blocking daily reduces their feelings of stress and anxiety, and allows them to fall asleep easily and sleep more soundly.

The benefits of reducing stress and sleeping better

When you are calm and relaxed, and sleeping well, your mental state will be more resilient and your body's functions will be more effective and functioning more optimally.

When your body can rest and repair, you will probably find that:

  1.  You will feel calmer, more relaxed, less stressed, and have less anxiety
  2.  You go to sleep easier, sleep deeper and feel much less tired
  3. You will experience more stable emotions and are less likely to suffer depression
  4. Your body will have less inflammation, allowing better digestion and gut function, less aching in the body and improved injury recovery
  5. Your body will be able to do a better job of stabilising your blood sugar mechanism which often means people let go of excess weight
  6.  Your immune system is stronger and more effective
  7.  Your central nervous system works better
  8. You look rested and rejuvenated and have more energy for life!


Why does 'blocking' change how our bodies work?

Śama blocks re-set your body into a state where it can be calmer and function better, using mechanisms that are 'hard-wired' into our physical bodies.

If we are living in a state of high stress or elevated fear for a long time, we are constantly 'running with the accelerator down', and our body begins de-prioritising rest and repair functions to maintain the high energy demand of constantly being in survival mode.

We may sleep or sleep badly and feel tired all the time. Our heart rate can be high, we may feel anxious and stressed, or have trouble digesting food and balancing blood sugars (and gain weight). Hormones can be out of sync and in the worst long-term cases, people can experience immune disorders, inflammation and depression.

Our bodies need times of calm and rest to replenish energy levels and restore all critical functions to healthy operation.

    When we place Śama blocks under the body and use them to offset the pelvis from its ideal placement, we trigger a 'reset and analysis' process which can bring the brain and Central Nervous System (CNS) back to focus on the body and restoring function.

    Using Śama for 10 minutes every evening will re-train your body out of a long term habit of stress. In a relaxed state, we get better quality sleep and our body can rebalance our systems, and repair any damage more effectively.

    Once our body can rest and start repairing, we feel better, physically and emotionally. We use less unnecessary energy, feel calmer, happier, clarity returns for a more positive mental and emotional state.

    We'd love you to experience Śama and a new way of living.