"I have been using Sama blocks for over a year now and highly rate them. Blocking takes me out of sympathetic dominance (fight or flight) and sets me up for a good relaxing night's sleep."
- Justin S.


"My husband and I use the Śama blocks - every household needs a pair. These blocks help the body to rejuvenate and repair while you are sleeping. There are so many benefits and maybe one of the most important ones is the ritual of stopping and connecting to your body."
- Bahareh


"It makes sense to me that if I’m calmer I sleep better and feel better. I use my Śama blocks every night before sleep – they come everywhere with me!"
- Simon


"My Fitbit is tracking better sleep with Śama Blocks! I was skeptical but Sama blocks WORK! I have checked the usage with my Fitbit Charge 3 and my sleep score and overall pattern is much improved when I block before sleep."
- M.E.


"Śama blocking is the perfect start to my day – I feel calm and I know I deal with everything better after I’ve blocked."
- Gail


"The lovely staff at Suna Pilates noticed my hands were shaking and suggested I lie on Śama blocks so they could show me how to calm my body. I had the most amazing experience that I can't even explain and fell asleep for 45 minutes. Now I can feel when my body gets into fight or flight mode - all I do is lie on my Śama blocks for 10 minutes to calm down, and I am sleeping so much better. Can't recommend them enough!"


"Kia ora. I am addicted to my Śama blocks and the feeling of relaxation in my body that I get from them. I use them in my 15 minute morning meditation as soon as I awaken in the morning, and then at night while I am relaxing in bed before sleep. I travel with them in my carry on suitcase as they are a great size. 
There are so many ways I can use them depending on what is going on within my body so I know that this is just the beginning of my journey with my Śama blocks. Thank you Susie & Śama 💛"
- Anita


"I heard about these blocks and thought to myself how can that be? But I thought it's worth a try as I wasn't sleeping well - I'd get up probably three times a night, and very broken sleep was normal. It always seemed to take me ages to get to sleep. Now I finish my day with my Śama blocks and I really am asleep so quickly. I just do my blocking lying in bed. I don’t know how it works, but it does. I wake up at six o'clock fully refreshed!"
- Mark


"I’m convinced that my body rests and repairs much better and deeper after Śama blocking. I’ve been using them for 6 months now and my digestive issues have improved. I think Śama has really helped."
- Claire


"I love my Śama blocks.  Keep your blocks visible as once you create the habit, you won’t go a day without using them. Most days I block when I go to bed but if I have had a hard day and I feel stressed, want to cry, feel tense in my body and angry or if I feel like a drink to relax, I go straight home, lay on my floor and within 10 minutes I am calm. I used to feel like I needed a nana nap during the day but its just a stress response so instead of having a sleep, I block and after 15 minutes, I come right again.  When you lay on them, be aware of how your body is feeling, feel the tingling sensation go through your body as it starts to calm your mind and body.  Can’t recommend these enough."
- Kiri


"I have been using the Sama blocks for years now, and they have helped massively with my rest and repair. I also use them on my children when they are overwhelmed. My family laughed at me when I packed them for our overseas trip in 2019 to help with jet lag but; the joke was on them. Two of my three children also needed blocking on that trip and were grateful I bought them along."
- Libby


"Since using the Sama blocks I have found that I have a restful and full nights sleep. While being pregnant I have found that blocking has regulated my bowel movement as movement slows down during pregnancy. I have put my husband on Sama blocks after a stressful days work and I have seen the calm and peace come over his face while lying on them."
- Abbi


"I utilise the Sama blocks to help me to calm my nervous system into its rest cycle either as part of my morning meditation, yoga practice as a savasana, or when I feel the need to relax and calm. They are so helpful to have on hand. The Sama blocks genuinely help to support me from a state of anxiety into a sense of deeper peace and being held. They are part of my self-care toolkit. When I was first introduced to the Sama blocks, I received a profound intuitive insight that was part of my healing process. I recognised it as very fortunate and also deliberate. There is love in these blocks!”
- Sarita


"I realise now that I used to feel tense and anxious for most of the day – like I was continually on the run, with too much to do. I now lie on my Śama blocks when I wake up in the morning and when I got to bed at night. I feel so much calmer. Its amazing. I don’t think I have less to do but I just feel calmer about it."


"I find it easy to relax into the blocks - they have helped improve my sleep, I have less waking up and less movement at night because of pain in my pelvis and back. Thank you for introducing the blocks to me, they have helped me deal with stress at work by allowing by body to relax quickly at night time, and alleviating discomfort in my body."


"Blocking really works. It moves my focus to my body, and I have a better deeper sleep. Would recommend."


"I am definitely sleeping better - and deeper. I lie on my Śama blocks in bed while I read so I don't even have to 'make time' for 10 minutes to do my blocking. Yes I hear how crazy that sounds - but isn't it great that I can get these benefits even without prioritising my wellbeing more?  I also use blocking before horse riding and can feel that my body is more balanced and feels less 'kinked' and stiff - I believe my horses benefit from me being more supple and balanced in the saddle." 

- Huia


"I didn't think they'd work, it sounds a bit crazy - but they have. I have had a great first weeks' sleep with blocking. Thank you."


"I really feel a shift in my body... and love using the blocks any time during day for a quick reset, as well as in the evening. Once I started to leave them in while having 20 mins sleep during the day, I really noticed a massive benefit so will keep doing that, and will use them for my kids too. I feel l calmer, have more energy and am sleeping better."


"Nice and relaxing, lovely to use. And easy, I get to sleep faster now." - Rachel


"So soothing and a really good practice to just 'stop' for a few minutes a day and focus on feeling relaxed."
- Gale


"For me, calm means happy!"
- Kate


"It feels like I sleep so much better and deeper after lying on my bed on my Śama blocks before I go to sleep."


"For as long as I can remember I have woken up 4-5 times a night (I think it’s something to do with menopause). When I use my Śama blocks at night I generally sleep through and wake up feeling rested."


"To me Śama equals enforced calm, which I don’t seem to be able to do on my own."
- Ginny


"I sleep great after Śama blocking!"
- Vini


"My mind feels less full and busy when I’ve used my Śama blocks."


"Today I did an extra session with the blocks as I was quite stressed and exhausted. I fell asleep for 20 minutes and woke feeling refreshed. Was a great little reset."


"Taking the time to relax and set the blocks up and lie down was relaxing, my body felt less tense after blocking."