About Śama Wellbeing

With over 20 years experience in the wellness industry and with a passion for empowering people to take responsibility for their wellbeing, we created Śama Blocks to bring you this beautiful, soothing 10 minute pelvic blocking technique. Our Śama Blocks were developed in New Zealand, and have been used in our studio, Suna Pilates + Wellbeing, for over a decade.

Our Pilates and Wellbeing Programmes have helped thousands of people find calm, to develop new habits and practices, and to improve both their mental and physical wellbeing. With Śama Blocks now available online we are so happy to share the experience of blocking with people across New Zealand.

We have called our brand Śama because we love the meaning behind the word. In Sanskrit it means rest, tranquility, quietness and calm – things that we know are essential for well bodies and minds.

Śama Blocks have helped countless people in very different ways over the last decade. Some people find calm and cope with anxiety, some find they can finally sleep soundly at night. Others find improved gut health or lose excess weight - read some of our reviews here.

Love, Susie