Understanding Fight Fight Freeze

Flight flight freeze is a stress-response... and everyone reacts differently. Find out how Śama Blocking can help you relax, by calming the central nervous system and letting you shift into parasympathetic dominance, where your body can function optimally, and you can truly feel well.

"Sama blocking is the perfect start to my day – I feel calm and I know I deal with everything better after I’ve blocked."  - Gail

"I realise now that I used to feel tense and anxious for most of the day – like I was continually on the run, with too much to do. I now lie on my Śama blocks when I wake up in the morning and when I got to bed at night. I feel so much calmer. Its amazing. I don’t think I have less to do but I just feel calmer about it."  -  Ginny

"I am addicted to my Śama blocks and the feeling of relaxation in my body that I get from them. I use them in my 15 minute morning meditation as soon as I awaken in the morning, and then at night while I am relaxing in bed before sleep. Thank you Susie & Śama."  -  Anita

Watch these short videos to understand how being stressed or anxious creates multiple detrimental flow-on effects - and how you can change the state your body is in with Śama blocking, in just 10 minutes a day.


The epidemic of 'fight or flight' anxiety

Place your body in a state of calm, purposefully

And discover how it can now do everything better!

The benefits of a healthy nervous system

Renew and restore wellness with parasympathetic dominance