Stress Response and Anxiety

A stress response is hard-wired to save us from dangerous situations. It's a useful and essential reaction to danger - but in the 21st century all sorts of things trigger it, that really don't need to. And when we stay in a state of stress for a long time, it can affect us in all sorts of ways. 

Śama Blocking is great for helping you relax, by calming the central nervous system and letting you shift into parasympathetic dominance, where your body can function optimally, and you can truly feel well.

Understanding the stress response 

Why feeling calm is physically so important

Feeling calm is physically, physiologically, biochemically and emotionally really, really important for your body. Find out why.

Regulating your mood with blocking

Regulating your mood doesn’t have to be hard. Regardless of the situations and the people you face, you can choose to regulate your mood by making sure that the body stays calm. Śama Blocking is great for helping you relax, allowing your body to function optimally, and you can feel calm and balanced.

Suffering from anxiety? You may be locked in Fight, Flight or Freeze

Are you suffering from anxiety? Constant worry, or that feeling that there is always something to go wrong?

Sleep could be the key to getting more control over your anxiety.