Natural Ways to Cope with Stress

In 2022 many of us are looking for ways to cope with stress - there's a lot going on and the constant uncertainty can cause our anxiety levels to rise, and rise... until it all feels overwhelming.

It's normal for humans to react to a threat (both real and perceived) in a way designed to save our lives - increased adrenaline, cortisone, heightened awareness - they are literally our body powering up to superhuman levels ready to deal with a ferocious tiger, an avalanche, or a swarm of bees. These reactions are exactly why humans have survived danger for eons, and they serve a very important purpose when we have to step in front of a bus to save a child, run from a charging rhino, or leap tall buildings in a single bound.

The problem is that most 'threats' today are not instantly life threatening, but our instinctive (and chemical) reactions are the same. Maybe your boss wants to have a 'serious talk on Thursday' and you spend all week worrying, heart racing, mind rushing through different scenarios. Maybe you read the daily omnicron numbers and feel your breathing quicken, or lie awake tossing and turning at night.

Feeling worried and having anxiety over things that loom in the distance isn't useful. In fact, this situation creates a state of long term anxiety, where your body becomes used to living in 'fight or flight', where toxic chemicals percolate through your system and you feel tired, scared, worn down, and don't know how to cope with anxiety.

Over time this state of stressed anxiety becomes your new 'normal' and your neural pathways change to accommodate ongoing thoughts of stress, worry and familiar anxiety patterns.

How to cope with anxiety

Break the chain

With Śama Blocking, you have a simple, 10 minute technique to STOP the pattern of anxiety. We call it a mind-body reset. By lying on Śama Blocks, and twisting the pelvis gently we interrupt the brain and essentially cause a 'restart of our computer'. You can let go of the thoughts that do not serve you, allow your body and metabolism to recalibrate, and begin a fresh outlook.  

"Sama blocking is the perfect start to my day – I feel calm and I know I deal with everything better after I’ve blocked." - Gail

 When you use your Śama Blocks, your body switches out of a state of stress and you can become calm. The simple act of lying still for ten minutes is relaxing too, and gives you a chance to 'just be in your body'. If you want to stay there longer, go ahead. Enjoy. It's your time. 

"If I have had a hard day and I feel stressed, want to cry, feel tense in my body and angry or if I feel like a drink to relax, I go straight home, lay on my floor and within 10 minutes I am calm." - Kiri


Get a good night's sleep

Easier said and done when you're in fight or flight or feeling anxiety. This is exactly why many Śama clients block right before bed, or even in bed. Evening is the best time for most people to block, especially for anyone having trouble falling asleep, and it's a gorgeous bed time calming ritual. 

Our clients say they fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly than usual, and wake up with more energy.  Find out why Śama blocking helps our bodies sleep better.

"I realise now that I used to feel tense and anxious for most of the day – like I was continually on the run, with too much to do. I now lie on my Śama blocks when I wake up in the morning and when I got to bed at night. I feel so much calmer. Its amazing. I don’t think I have less to do but I just feel calmer about it."
- Ginny

Śama blocking is completely safe and effective for children too, so if your child is having trouble sleeping, or just feeling more stressed than usual, give them time and space to enjoy some quality time with your Śama blocks.


Focus on Now

There's a saying that 'the future hasn't happened and the past can't be changed, so worry is a waste of now'. You can take steps in the present to plan for a good outcome, but you can't control your past or your future, and thinking that you can simply leads to patterns of disempowered thought - depression about things that have happened, and anxiety about what may happen.

Take ownership of now, and release the possibilities that may happen and the ones that never happened. Don't let them trigger stress and anxiety and depression and flood your body with harmful chemicals.

It's great to understand this on an intellectual level, but it can be harder to bring it into your body and really feel that the only thing you can act on, the only time you have responsibility for, is now. This is where Śama blocking can really help by giving your mind a reset, and calming your thoughts, so you can do a big sigh and let all the 'mights' and 'could haves' go.


Get help if you need it

It can be hard to cope with stress, and anxiety can wear us down, eroding our confidence, our relationships, and our happiness. Find a great friend, or therapist, or kinesiologist, or mentor, who can give you support and guidance. Getting rid of stress can be too big a job without support.


Exercise regularly

We love Your Pilates online subscription, created by Suna Pilates to bring their innovative, dynamic and effective online Pilates workouts to your home, or wherever you are. Because the Pilates workouts give you a great cardio boost and incorporate high intensity interval training, you can get an effective exercise burst in 10 or 20 minutes. 

If Pilates isn't your style, get outdoors and move. Walking along the beach, exploring a forest, running after your kids in the park, dancing around the living room - it all helps your body create endorphins to chase away the blues.

What matters is that you exercise regularly, so create a time to integrate movement into every week.  


Hydrate & Eat right for your body

Every body is different and our needs can change with the seasons. Make sure to drink plenty of filtered or pure water throughout the day, and swish it around your mouth briefly before swallowing. Find out what your metabolic type is and eat right for your unique needs. Giving your body the right food makes it easy for it to get, and use, the nutrients it needs to help you feel energised and well.


Other ways Śama blocking helps our clients

As well as helping people cope with stress, we've head clients tell us that Śama blocking helps their digestion issues become more regular, and reduces pain and discomfort.

Thank you for introducing the blocks to me, they have helped me deal with stress at work by allowing by body to relax quickly at night time, and alleviating discomfort in my body."

Both of these problems may have been caused by being in a state of long term stress, or it may simply be that when their body ran its Śama reset, it began to function more effectively overall. 

A body that functions well and feels calm is much less prone to issues like chronic inflammation - and is likely to recover better from exercise.


If you want to try Śama blocking, pop over and get a pair now