How to leave stress behind and escape 'Fight or Flight'

We are living in high stress times, and many of us are stuck in a ‘fight or flight’ mode. Living in a state of fear and anxiety can lead to physical consequences including high blood pressure, tension or migraine headaches, fibromyalgia and many more - as well as feeling tense, unhappy or depressed.

Our bodies are hardwired by evolution to react to danger or stressful situation by either speeding everything up (flight) or prioritising strength for a fight, which stops body functions and repair. 

But 'Fight or flight' is designed to be a short term reaction to danger. Neither response is good for our bodies if we live with it long term. 

Sympathetic Dominance is when the Fight or Flight instinct over-rides the body's Rest and Repair processes. Long term Sympathetic Dominance occurs when 'life is super busy' and you rush around multitasking and getting more and more stressed out - eventually this state of over extension or 'Flight' becomes your norm.

The Para-Sympathetic mode (Rest and Relax) stops body functions to prioritise strength. If you aren't in Parasympathtic mode, your body won't digest, rest or sleep, or heal gut issues as well as it could. 

Your body is clever. If you are in flight mode, your autonomic nervous system which runs your body automatically (digesting food, keeping your heart beating, and you breathing) kicks into survival mode and starts closing down the systems and processes it can survive without. 

Your hormonal levels can change and your reproductive system might start doing unusual things. Then your body starts switching off important things like digestion. If you're lacking energy and you get cold, your body starts shutting down the blood supply so that your main body functions can keep going.

Meanwhile your Para-sympathetic system isn't working to adequately rest or repair your body. You may feel stressed, anxious, drained, tired, 'flat' and find normal life emotionally exhausting.

Free your body from long term Sympathetic Dominance

It's going to feel amazing when you rediscover your natural state.

Check in with yourself

The first step to recovering your balance is recognising how you feel, and being aware of it. Listen to your body, and understand the pressure you are putting on your body with your thoughts and lifestyle. 

Prioritise yourself

Make rest, relaxation and sleep core priorities, and practice being aware of your habits!

Use Blocking at home

Blocking is a technique you can do anywhere, once a day, for 10 minutes to help you out of fight or flight. 

Practice self love 

Listen carefully to your inner voice and how you speak to yourself. Be active in using kind words and being more compassionate to yourself. 

Create calm

Practice active relaxation, meditation and mindful exercise like Pilates.

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