How Blocking can help you sleep

Because blocking resets your body from a state of Fight or Flight to Rest and Repair, your body can disengage from a state of stress and begin the processes it needs to regain wellbeing through mental and physical balance.

Going to bed feeling anxious is not likely to lead to a deep restful night's sleep. It's like you will lie there running 'what if' or 'if only' scenarios through your mind and reinforcing your feelings of stress, anxiousness and fear. 

Sleep will feel unattainable and your body is likely to heat up with the adrenaline of worry coursing through your system. If you do sleep it may be full of odd dreams and frequent waking.

However if we can calm our body and mind before closing our eyes, our body's nocturnal repair patterns will kick in, and run smoothly. Rest will fall over us easily and sleep will be deeper and less broken. Our cellular repair processes will be effective and we will look and feel refreshed by morning.

Our clients tell us that Śama blocking helps them sleep better: 

It makes sense to me that if I’m calmer I sleep better and feel better. I use my Śama blocks every night before sleep – they come everywhere with me!"  -  Simon
"My Fitbit is tracking better sleep with Śama Blocks! I was skeptical but Sama blocks WORK! I have checked the usage with my Fitbit Charge 3 and my sleep score and overall pattern is much improved when I block before sleep."  -  M.E.

Learn more about how better sleep can improve your quality of life with these short educational videos, then read the stories below of how Śama blocking helps our clients sleep well.

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Three stories of how Śama blocking led to improved sleep patterns

Mark has not been a good sleeper, waking multiple times in a night. Despite some healthy skepticism, he was willing to give blocking a try. He told us:

"I heard about these blocks and thought to myself how can that be? How can a couple of wedges under your hips make you relax? But I thought it's worth a try as I wasn't sleeping well - I'd get up probably three times a night, and very broken sleep was normal.

So I go ahead and put the blocks underneath me and in the last three nights I have been up just once and went straight back to bed and sleep. I wake up at six o'clock fully refreshed! Blocking is an amazing concept, I still don't know how it works, but it does!"


Huia has a habit of reading before bed to calm her mind and break her thought patterns from a day of being a busy working mother. She wrote to say:

"I realised that I didn't need to put aside any extra time to do my Śama blocking - I now keep my blocks beside my bed with my pile of books and slip them under my hips while I read. It's taking me longer to finish books now as I fall asleep much faster, and I'm sleeping more soundly."


Suna Pilates told us that one of their clients came to buy a new set of Śama blocks. They asked her why she wanted another set as she already had a pair, and she explained that her partner wants a pair too, as they tried sharing the original set, but whoever was using them would fall asleep on them and the other would miss out!

Adorable! That's love - when you let hubby have your Śama blocks!


Why is getting a good night's sleep a health issue?

How your body suffers when you are sleep deprived

When we sleep is the time when our body rests and repairs. And to get that rest and repair happening properly you must be in parasympathetic dominance - a state of calm. A great night's sleep helps allow your body to repair properly, and creating calmer, more relaxed body and mind. Our customers tell us Śama Blocking helps them unwind and sleep better at the end of a busy day!

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